Given the right knowledge, even a pre-school child is able to make good decisions and later embark on a career path that matches his or her talents and is well planned. The most important foundations for this to happen are self-esteem, knowledge of one’s own and foreign rights, and the ability to stand up for oneself and others. 

Web-Grace supports pupils with workshops or individual conversations. 

All workshops are age appropriate and start with a fun group work. After the theoretical input we transform understanding into learning and understanding (re-framing).

Pedagogical-didactic methods:

The programme 

  • considers different types of learners (NLP) 
  • combines thinking, language, remembering, problem solving with a positive feeling of success
  • makes learning experienceable through movement, expression and emotion and meets the criteria of new learning according to Prof. Hüther 
  • supports children in accordance with their individual abilities

Potential grants: 

Federal Ministry of Education: Promotion of projects with pedagogical and didactic references to health and environmental education, 

Erste Bank and Savings Bank “Civitas

Pupils at Elementary School Flöcking