Web-grace counselling for schools is designed for teachers and students. 

For teaching staff

Success starts in early in childhood. Being successful means knowing one’s own way, having principles and respecting boundaries. Teachers know this and do their best to support pupils in every way possible. 

Teachers carry the burden of responsibility for the future generation. What can be done to make the sometimes strenuous everyday life easier to cope with? Why are children today different from many years ago? Teachers give their best to adapt to the changes. With additional knowledge and simple techniques it would be easier to meet all challenges.

For pupils

Given the right knowledge, a pre-school child is able to make good decisions and later embark on a career path that matches his or her talents and is well planned. The most important foundations for this to happen are self-esteem, knowledge of one’s own and foreign rights, and the ability to stand up for oneself and others. 

Web-Grace supports pupils with workshops or individual conversations. 

All workshops are age appropriate and start with a fun group work. After the theoretical input we transform understanding into learning and understanding (re-framing).

Pedagogical-didactic methods:

The programme 

  • considers different types of learners (NLP) 
  • combines thinking, language, remembering, problem solving with a positive feeling of success
  • makes learning experienceable through movement, expression and emotion and meets the criteria of new learning according to Prof. Hüther 
  • supports children in accordance with their individual abilities

Potential grants: 

Federal Ministry of Education: Promotion of projects with pedagogical and didactic references to health and environmental education, 

Erste Bank and Savings Bank “Civitas

Pupils at Elementary School Flöcking